Power and Ability

It all started like…

Do your research, you are not alone. The rates of depression and anxiety are at an all-time high. Never before have we been so close, and yet so far away from each other. We constantly feel worry about ourselves and our future while, at the same time feeling destructively powerless. Therapy prices are through the roof and only a few of us can afford them. Unless something changes, it does not seem to be stopping any time soon…

That is why the movement Power and Ability appeared. Meant to give us all a chance at getting better, a safe place to share and open up. A haven to build strong foundations in an ever-changing chaotic world. Enough feeling stuck or not good enough for the world. No more victim mentality! No more feeling pressured by others, and living in fear!

We have built a community where help is affordable and where you have the chance to realize that you are not alone, and neither are your problems. Stop making yourself small. Let us do that to your challenges!

Photo of Led Signage on the Wall


Power and Ability Movement

To Find Freedom Within Not Happiness Without

People Doing Group Hand Cheer

Start with this…

Upset ethnic woman embracing knees on bed

…To end this!

Psychologist Clinical Group Therapy

“We should all have access to mental healthcare and a supportive community along side us.”

Dr Daniela César

Clinical Psychologist

Together we are stronger.

If not now… when?

Everyday you choose between fear and faith every day. What will it be today?